EFC sends 7 to complete the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend in June

The Ever Forward Club presented 7 young men to this June 2015 Young Men's Ultimate Weekend to complete their rites of passage initiation in Napa, CA.  The event was a huge success with rising 8th graders to high school seniors completing their initiation event. This June, over 57 young men completed their Young Men's Ultimate Weekend this past June, which was the most young men in a single weekend in several years.

The Young Men's Ultimate Weekend is a modern day rites of passage initiation for young men ages 13-20 where young men participate in a variety of activities and challenges that teach them to Honor what is R.I.G.H.T. (Respect, Intelligent, Gallantry, Humor and True). The YMUW and has partnered with The Ever Forward Club since 2008 and we have presented over 70 young men to complete their Rites of Passage initiation with them.


This year we had 7 in attendance:

EFC @ Montera Middle School - 1

EFC @ REACH Ashland Youth Center - 3

United for Success Academy - 1 (possible new chapter starting in 2015)

East Palo Alto Academy - 1 (possible new chapter to start in 2015)

Oakland Tech - 1 (possible new chapter to start in 2015)



The young men from The Ever Forward Club showed up strong and participated fully at this years YMUW!





















The Young Men are reunited with their families at the end of the weekend; some in the mountains and some back home.



The next YMUW will be held September 19-21, 2015 in Boulder Creek, CA (Santa Cruz Mountains).

The Ever Forward Club will have 10 - 15 young men in the upcoming weekend. 

If you would like your young man to participate, please visit their website at www.YMUW.org for flyers and to register your young men.