The Mask You Live In - Screening Follow-up

On March 4th 2015 The Ever Forward Club hosted a screening of "The Mask You Live In" at the Impact Hub Oakland to a standing-room-only crowd. 

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And the audience gave rave reviews about the students personal testimonials and apparent fearlessness during the Q & A.  The Ever Forward Club would like to appreciate each student for participating in the panel discussion.





I am so proud of our students from The Ever Forward Club at ARISE High School, one of our newest member at United For Success Academy and our alumni who came early to help set up, organize and serve food and welcome our guests. 





We would like to thank you all who attended this very special event in the history of our The Ever Forward Club and to everyone who donated to The Ever Forward Club, We Thank YOU! 

Three things before we go:

1. If you did not have an opportunity to donate, but would like to support our students going on the 10th Annual SOCAL College Tour from April 4-8, 2015, Please do so.  You can donate at our website:

2. If you purchased a ticket to the screening and were not able to make it, you can RSVP for a free screening at Mills College on Tuesday, March 31 @ 5:00pm  RSVP here:

3. The 11th Annual 24 Hour Relay Challenge is approaching on May 23-24, 2015. Please consider creating a team of 10 youth and/or adults to participate in this incredible community building event. Our goal is to have a minimum of 250 participants which is 25 teams of 10. We are also looking for volunteers to support the event in a variety of ways. Begin signing up to volunteer or participate on our website.