EFC Founder on KCBW Black Renaissance TV

Ashanti Branch, Founder and Executive Director of The Ever Forward Club was invited to Black Renaissance to talk about The Ever Forward Club and the work the organization has been doing. Branch also discusses The Ever Forward Club being featured in the documentary, "The Mask You Live In" created by The Representation Project.

Black Renaissance Airs 8:00am, Every 4th Sunday On The CW Bay Area

“Black Renaissance” is the Bay Area’s longest running news/interview show that focuses on issues of concern to the African American community.

Hosted by KPIX 5 reporter, Christin Ayers



Positively OUSD

The Ever Forward Club and Founder Ashanti Branch was featured in the inaugural edition of Positively OUSD, the districts new weekly newsletter.




EFC in Oakland Tribune

The Ever Forward Club was featured in the Oakland Tribune on January 3, 2015 




NPR Giving Boys Bigger Emotional Toolbox

June 25, 2014: This story is part of the "Men In America" series on All Things Considered.




Ashanti Branch, an assistant principal at Montera Middle School in Oakland, Calif., leads boys in a "check in" circle at his after-school Ever Forward Club.


PBS Newshour


EFC 24 Hour Relay on NBC News