YMUW 2016

Ever Forward Club took 4 young men to the June YMUW in Napa, California


The weekend was very powerful with over 40 young men completing their rights of Passage weekend



Ashanti Branch facilitated the Taking Off The Mask weekend and over 60 people participated in the 




EFC @ Google Talks

 On 6-16-16, Ever Forward Club members and EFSA founder Ashanti Branch were invited to participate in Talks@Google to talk about how Ever Forward -Siempre Adelante is supporting youth and adults with #TAKINGOFFTHEMASK




Ever Forward Club is working to ensure no brain drain for young men in #everforwardclub during #summer2016. Some days it's a book and other days it's a bike! #everforwardclub young men riding the signature Google Bikes after their incredible performance at Talks@Google on 6-16-16.



Young men from #‎everforwardclub preparing to speak as a part of Talks@Google during #everforwardclub #‎takingoffthemask with#‎branchspeaks





#‎everforwardclub members hanging out with the Google Maps Streetview Car during Talks@Google and #‎takingoffthemask with #‎EFC 


EFC 11th annual SOCAL College Tour

Because of all the support of our community, the Ever Forward Club continues to grow and serve more students.

We are currently in 8 schools (2 of those are very new and in search of a mentor) But 6 are running strong.

At the end of March we completed our 5 day college tour with 43 young men with 9 different schools represented. Here is a short video to show a Sneak Peek of 2016 #EFCSoCal College Tour video:

EverForward TV series promo

Two Ever Forward Club members from ARISE High School in Oakland created this promotional video for the Launch of our EverForward TV series premiering on YouTube in 2016.


This series was inspired by our friend Callum Christopher from New Zealand, who is a teacher and futbol coach at Roskill Grammer school and created a series called Being Roskill - BRTV. Callum spent some time here in Oakland and San Lorenzo with The Ever Forward Club, interviewing some of our young men who will appear in upcoming episodes of BRTV.


One of Ever Forward Club members Deionte is featured in BRTV #29




EFC Taking off the Mask Workshop Video Overview


The Ever Forward Club is excited to present our first video for the Taking off the Mask Workshop. We hope that this video will bring in some much needed support for The Ever Forward Club.



Ashanti Branch named Stanford d.school Education Fellow


EFC sends 7 to complete the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend in June

The Ever Forward Club presented 7 young men to this June 2015 Young Men's Ultimate Weekend to complete their rites of passage initiation in Napa, CA.  The event was a huge success with rising 8th graders to high school seniors completing their initiation event. This June, over 57 young men completed their Young Men's Ultimate Weekend this past June, which was the most young men in a single weekend in several years.

The Young Men's Ultimate Weekend is a modern day rites of passage initiation for young men ages 13-20 where young men participate in a variety of activities and challenges that teach them to Honor what is R.I.G.H.T. (Respect, Intelligent, Gallantry, Humor and True). The YMUW and has partnered with The Ever Forward Club since 2008 and we have presented over 70 young men to complete their Rites of Passage initiation with them.


This year we had 7 in attendance:

EFC @ Montera Middle School - 1

EFC @ REACH Ashland Youth Center - 3

United for Success Academy - 1 (possible new chapter starting in 2015)

East Palo Alto Academy - 1 (possible new chapter to start in 2015)

Oakland Tech - 1 (possible new chapter to start in 2015)



The young men from The Ever Forward Club showed up strong and participated fully at this years YMUW!





















The Young Men are reunited with their families at the end of the weekend; some in the mountains and some back home.



The next YMUW will be held September 19-21, 2015 in Boulder Creek, CA (Santa Cruz Mountains).

The Ever Forward Club will have 10 - 15 young men in the upcoming weekend. 

If you would like your young man to participate, please visit their website at www.YMUW.org for flyers and to register your young men.





Aspen Ideas Fest 2015 Finalist

Ashanti went to Aspen to pitch The Ever Forward Club mission.  

"The Aspen Ideas Festival is the nation's premier, public gathering place for leaders from around the globe and across many disciplines to engage in deep and inquisitive discussion of the ideas and issues that both shape our lives and challenge our times. "

It was a great event and there were an amazing number of luminaries from all corners of the world - from politics, the media, humanitarian organizations and more.

The pitch for The Ever Forward Club was a finalist and garnered $5,000.00!


In addition to giving the pitch, Ashanti was also invited to participate in a panel that was a town hall format about being an American.  He spoke about The Everforward Club and it's focus on changing the personal narrative of it's members and help towards positive change. The panel included Gwen Ifil and others.


panel2.jpg        Panel1.jpg



11th Annual 24 Hour Relay Wrap-Up

The 11th Annual 24 Relay Challenge was a huge success.  22 teams came together and ran and walked through the night and achieved over 1700 miles!

Thank you to all the many volunteers that helped put the event together making the event possible and making it great.

We are very grateful to our generous sponsors: Evenflow Plumbing, Diamond Plumbing & Heating, Production Logic,  San Leandro Rock Co., Hope for the Heart, Laborers Local 304, Kaspers Hot Dogs, Cattlemens, Deadrich Realestate, \ MDI, Acme Bread, Safeway, Sabino's Coffee, Noah's Bagels, and Kara's Cupcakes.

 What Students Had to Say About the Relay...

"It was fun hanging out with everyone that was on my team and others. It was also really tiring overall but it was a good experience. "

 "I had really fun with friends as well as running experience. Made new friends and I will probably do this next year!"

"This was a very challenging event where I had to fight both physical and mental fatigue."

 "I absolutely loved this experience. It is for a really good cause  and it gave me a chance to spend time with my classmates before I leave for college. So please do it annually!!"

 "I really liked the 24 hours that we spent here we did a lot of teamwork stuff that brought us together."


IMG_1889.JPG IMG_1895.JPG
IMG_1896.JPG IMG_2019.JPG
IMG_2056.JPG IMG_2139.JPG
IMG_2169.JPG IMG_2230.JPG


Total Miles: 1704!

Mileage by Team

Squaw= 47

Asian Tribe=110

Rustic Sporks= 86


Tracky Tourists= 95

The Kung Fu Pandas= 75

Huffle Puff= 105


Don’t Trip!= 115

Coach= 82

Newbies= 70

The Ugly’s= 102 (with only 7 teammates!)

Mooples= 66


Mutant Tigers= 79



Powerpuffs= 68 (75 with Dq)

Bulldogs= 50 (53 with DQ)

#1=62 (76 with DQ)

Potaters= 72

The Athletes= 81

Young Warriors= 70


Thinking about Next Year

The 12th Annual 24 Hour relay will happen next year and we are interested in hearing from anyone interested in being a volunteer or becoming a sponsor.


East Bay Gives 2015



East Bay Gives is part of the “Give Local America” national day of giving. This year The Ever Forward Club participated to receive donations from the community for 24 hours.

Giving started Tuesday May 5th at 12:01 AM, participants had 24 hours to donate to the Ever Forward Club. Money raised from this event will support students attending our Annual Southern California College Tour.

$1,105.00 was raised from 12 unique donors!

Thank you to the generous donors and everyone who participated in getting the word out about this great event!

If you did not know about East Bay Gives and were not able to lend your support then, you can donate to The Ever Forward Club HERE.