Aspen Ideas Festival 2015


Ashanti will be pitching his idea to win the $25,000 grant!

The Ever Forward Club's Aspen Ideas Award proposal was part of Festival 2.  


"The Aspen Institute and the Aspen Ideas Festival are excited to announce the inaugural Aspen Ideas Award. Developed with Booz Allen Hamilton, the Aspen Ideas Award is designed to inspire ideas and innovation that will have a lasting impact on communities around the globe. Each year the Aspen Institute will choose prompts that acknowledge challenges to the well-being of our planet and of our society. All Festival Scholars and Speakers are eligible to submit a project and all Festival attendees are encouraged to engage in the selection process by voting for and commenting on Award submissions. The Aspen Ideas Award will culminate in a live pitch session during the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival where 5 finalists in each of our sessions–Spotlight Health, Festival 1, and Festival 2–will pitch their projects for a chance to win $25,000.

This year, over 100 entries for the Aspen Ideas Award were submitted! Winners will be chosen after finalists participate in a live pitch session at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Go to to read and comment on submissions.