Our Approach


We have a four-fold approach to developing our dynamic Club Communities: Academic, Community, Personal, & Family Development

Academic Development Through

  • Academic Support
  • Bi-weekly Progress Reports
  • Advisory 

Community Development Through

  • Team Building
  • Service to the School Community
  • Service to the Local Community

Personal Development Through

  • Goal-Setting Workshops
  • Mentorship
  • School Emotional Learning

Family Development Through

  • Family Potlucks
  • Parent Focus Groups
  • Parent Service Projects

Our tangible results from the past 10 years are as follows:

  • 100% graduation rate of Seniors from High School
  • more than 90% of our graduates attend 2 or 4 year colleges after graduation.
  • 1500+ students and over 500 Volunteers have participated in our Annual 24 Hour Relay Challenge which promotes community building and healthy living.
  • 200 potential first generation college students have attended our annual college tours to Southern California.
  • 8 Ever Forward Club members have participated in life-changing outdoor education trips and mentoring opportunities, in partnership with Summer Search.
  • 1 graduate from our 2008 club received the Governor’s Award.