24 Hour Relay FAQ

Imagine a community where teenagers don’t use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs - a community where kids have plenty to do, are involved in healthy activities, and take pride in the town they live in - a community where drinking and driving among youth doesn’t exist. Sounds great, doesn’t it?                                                                            

Surveys have shown that most 11th grade students use alcohol and other drugs, many on a regular basis. Overwhelmingly, these students say they want more activities which don’t involve alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Yet education budgets are tight and funding is limited.

However, you can help! - get involved in the 24 HOUR RELAY CHALLENGE.

Please look through the information in this FAQ, but if you have any additional questions please contact: 

  • Contact Event Manager: Whitney Weber at 925- 435-6704  or
  • Lizzy Schultz – Program director – 303-518-8098
  • Ashanti Branch at everforwardclub@gmail.com or by phone 510-684-4842



What is it?


THE 24 Hour Relay Challenge has become a Memorial Day tradition in the Bay Area. It is a community event that brings together people of all ages and abilities to participate in a unique and memorable experience. It is also the major fundraising project that benefits student programs that help motivate students to achieve their goals, improve their communities, and also show them that they can have fun without drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  This years Relay will include as many as 25 teams, made up of 10 members each. Each participant runs or walks one mile, then passes the baton to the next member, and so on. This process continues for the entire 24 hour period.

While the teams are circling the track, a giant community camp-out takes place with continuous entertainment, food, and camping – participants have a chance to meet others who believe in a healthy lifestyle. Without a doubt, it is 24 hours of memorable fun for everyone involved!

How can you be part of a team?


If you are interested in forming a team, call for a registration packet that includes all registration forms, waivers, sponsor sheets, and other necessary information. For student or adult team registration and information materials, call Ashanti Branch at 510-684-4842. Student Registration packets are available here at the 24 Hour Relay Team Info page.

How much does it cost?


The registration for a student team (consisting of 10 students) is $400. An adult or local business team’s registration fee is $500. In order to register as a team, submit the registration fee in advance, along with the team registration form. All contributions are tax deductible. And don’t worry; you can get sponsors to help you with the cost of team’s contribution.

How can you get sponsors?


Talk to family members, relatives, friend, co-workers, or business to see if they will help sponsor you or you team. A sponsorship form will be available for all participation who would like to raiser money through financial pledges. For example, each student on a student team would only have to get eight people to contribute $5 each to equal $40 per student.

Who benefits?


Ultimately, the whole community benefits. The money raised from the Relay is an investment in the future. All team registration fees and any matching contribution from businesses and sponsors help to support the Ever Forward Club, whose mission is to create communities of students to set and achieve their goals inside and outside the classroom.  Ever Forward is a support group for students which hosts events that help motivate students to achieve their goals, improve their communities, and other events that show students that they can have a good time without the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Also, any student organization that participates can raise money for their group. 

Will there be food and drinks?


You bet! During the Relay, healthy foods, refreshing water, and other drinks will be available for team members and volunteers for the entire 24 hours, free of charge. There will be no lunch provided on Saturday, so don't forget to bring a lunch of your own, or money. For the entire 24 hours Relay walkers and runners will receive some complimentary food at team refresher stations, a healthy dinner Saturday evening, and a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning. 

What will you get for participating?


Besides the incredible feeling of accomplishment, all team participants will receive:

  • The satisfaction of participating in a fun activity which supports positive programs.
  • A colorful T- shirt, team picture, recognition, awards.
  • Refreshments and entertainment during the Relay including dinner and pancake breakfast.
  • Team Captains and coordinators will be treated to a motivational meeting prior to the Relay to honor their responsibilities.

All volunteers will also get a 24 Hour Relay Challenge T-shirt for their efforts.


When do you sleep?


Sleep? You won’t want to, you’ll be so excited. But just in case, Oakland Technical High School’s Football Field will be transformed into a giant campground, with many of the creature comforts of home such as bathrooms, solar showers, and even a massage area – not to mention superb entertainment free to all participants! The area will be safe, secure, and staffed with medical and security personnel during the event.

What should teams bring?

  • Appropriate walking or running shoes
  • Sleeping bag/ blankets
  • Tent/Cover
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit (for dunk tank)
  • Towel