11th Annual 24 Hour Relay Wrap-Up

The 11th Annual 24 Relay Challenge was a huge success.  22 teams came together and ran and walked through the night and achieved over 1700 miles!

Thank you to all the many volunteers that helped put the event together making the event possible and making it great.

We are very grateful to our generous sponsors: Evenflow Plumbing, Diamond Plumbing & Heating, Production Logic,  San Leandro Rock Co., Hope for the Heart, Laborers Local 304, Kaspers Hot Dogs, Cattlemens, Deadrich Realestate, \ MDI, Acme Bread, Safeway, Sabino's Coffee, Noah's Bagels, and Kara's Cupcakes.

 What Students Had to Say About the Relay...

"It was fun hanging out with everyone that was on my team and others. It was also really tiring overall but it was a good experience. "

 "I had really fun with friends as well as running experience. Made new friends and I will probably do this next year!"

"This was a very challenging event where I had to fight both physical and mental fatigue."

 "I absolutely loved this experience. It is for a really good cause  and it gave me a chance to spend time with my classmates before I leave for college. So please do it annually!!"

 "I really liked the 24 hours that we spent here we did a lot of teamwork stuff that brought us together."


IMG_1889.JPG IMG_1895.JPG
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IMG_2169.JPG IMG_2230.JPG


Total Miles: 1704!

Mileage by Team

Squaw= 47

Asian Tribe=110

Rustic Sporks= 86


Tracky Tourists= 95

The Kung Fu Pandas= 75

Huffle Puff= 105


Don’t Trip!= 115

Coach= 82

Newbies= 70

The Ugly’s= 102 (with only 7 teammates!)

Mooples= 66


Mutant Tigers= 79



Powerpuffs= 68 (75 with Dq)

Bulldogs= 50 (53 with DQ)

#1=62 (76 with DQ)

Potaters= 72

The Athletes= 81

Young Warriors= 70


Thinking about Next Year

The 12th Annual 24 Hour relay will happen next year and we are interested in hearing from anyone interested in being a volunteer or becoming a sponsor.