Testimonial from EFC alumni and Current EFC Mentor, Lorenzo Cooper

The 11th Annual 24 Hour Relay was a success!  Check out the wrap-up here.

At the Ever Forward Club, we believe that all young men have the desire to be fully alive –– to be loved, respected, held in high regard, held to high expectations, held accountable for their actions and supported to help achieve their goals. But too many young men –– particularly underserved and at-risk young men of color –– have been forced to hide the dreams and hopes within them. They think they have it all figured out. They don’t, and it’s no secret why.

Given the breakdown of family units, the lack of trust among community members, the deterioration of healthy intergenerational relationships, the absence of guidance passed down by elders and total lack of healthy rites of passage, their reality is a tough one

That’s where the Ever Forward Club comes in.

Founded in 2004, the Ever Forward Club mentors young men of color in middle and high school by providing them with safe, brave communities that build character and transform lives. We specifically serve teens who are:

  • Under-schooled: Have very little to no experience being a part of the school community and are therefore academically, socially or emotionally behind their peers;
  • De-schooled: Have been going to school regularly, but have become either disengaged, disillusioned or disenfranchised and therefore stopped attending or are only physically present;
  • Over-schooled: Have gone to school for years but are more worn out by school, than energized by it.

Our mission is to give young men a chance to get real.

To join the brotherhood.

To move ever forward.